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Animals With Really Cool Hairstyles

What is it with hair? Sometime’s it a great hair day, sometimes you wish you don’t have to leave the house. Some of these animals with really cool hairstyles are having the same trouble. You’ll love to see their hairdos! They’re phenomenal, cute and sometimes hilarious. #10 This dog’s hair is so sleek and classy.  animals

10 Japanese Reactions To Classic American Candy

In conclusion, American candies are either too sweet, too sour, taste too much like butter, taste too much like flat beer, or … they’re Lemonheads. Which are perfect. The one thing we can agree upon across this ocean that divides us is that Lemonheads, with their slightly sweet / slightly sour vibes, are the perfect

Barbet Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

This woolly sporting dog breed is fun-loving and smart. He was bred for retrieving waterfowl for hunters — and has the webbed feet to prove it — but he’s also a talented agility competitor in his native France. See below for full list of Barbet characteristics! Additional articles you will be interested in: AdoptionDog NamesBringing

Why Your Pet May Be Constipated

By Dr. Becker Although diarrhea is a more common, and much more noticeable digestive issue in pets than constipation, dogs and cats can and do get constipated. For some animals it’s a once-in-blue-moon type of thing, while in others it can become habitual. The problem with irregularity is that when stool stays in

Kitten Knitter: Woman Makes Bibs For Bottle Babies

A woman in London County, Tennessee, is doing the impossible: making tiny, cute kittens even cuter. Anna Moneymaker is knitting bibs for kittens eating from bottles, WVLT-TV reports. She fosters kittens and knows how messy the little ones can be, so she put adorbs little bibs on them. We are dying.  CUTENESS OVERLOAD: Why are
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